Tuesday, 6 November 2018

A relaxing weekend

We were actually all a bit drained after our late night at the Warner Bros park on Thursday. Nathan had to go to work early Friday morning, and the rest of us enjoyed a day at home, doing not much at all.
Come the afternoon all the girls decided to take one last quick browse of Yas Mall, which included a Starbucks stop as well:

We got ourselves some incredibly marked-down face masks and decided to have a bit of a home spa after dinner. Ha ha look at us! No after pictures though, but I can guarantee we all looked five years younger, at least!

On the Saturday we all took to Yas Waterworld for the day. Nathan joined in after lunch once he was done at work. The kids went on rides and Pia and I mostly rested by the wave pool. So relaxing.

We did try their new 'Water Cinema' though, a new experience for me. All in 5D, full of wind and water effects, the whole theater even flooded up to our waist at one stage!

My favourite time of day this time of the year is the late afternoons, when you almost feel a bit cold. The girls had disappeared when it was time for us to go home, so while waiting for them I had to put my dress back on, aaahhh, love it!

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