Thursday, 1 November 2018

The Fossil Dunes

On Monday it was beach day for some (catching-up-with-laundry-and-admin day at home for others...), and in the afternoon Sofie, Pia, Linnea and I took a drive to a place I've been wanting to explore for a while - the Fossil Dunes.
It is an easy excursion to do as they are situated not far from Abu Dhabi, it only took us about 30 minutes to drive there. Plus once we found them I was happy to see that even though I had to go off-road for a bit, the sand was packed flat, hard and was easy to drive on, phew.

So the dunes were not exactly of Tel Moreeb proportions, but quite fun to experience. We parked and got out and walked around them to explore, being careful trying not to disrupt anything. I was fascinated to see that even though they just looked like wind-swept sand dunes, they were absolutely rock hard, totally fossilized.

 Thanks to the afternoon light, we got some nice photos!

We stayed until just before the sun had set (as I didn't want to drive across the sand in the dark), and it was really quite beautiful out there. Definitely a place to go visit if you haven't already.

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