Sunday, 18 November 2018

A promise is a promise

When we were in Denmark this summer, someone somehow managed to promise Konrad that once they got here we would all be going to participate in a paintball game... Apparently this is ALL he has talked about since, and there was no way we could go back on that promise. Katja even checked the week before they came that we hadn't forgotten.., and the first thing he asked me when he arrived was: "Which day are we going paintballing?"

So, Saturday when we were all free, off to the paintball arena we went!

We got to play two games, switching teams at half time. It was all about shooting the other team as many times as possible, and oh my it was fun! No tears this time, but quite a few nice bruises..!

I think this was Konrad's absolute favourite day! He and Lucas were allowed to finish off the remaining bullets in a 1-1 game.

 The sweaty after photo:

All famished after our big afternoon, we picked up some Indian take-away on the way home and finished off their stay with some super yummy food and a chill-out session on the sofa.

And early this morning we waved them off in a taxi as they went back up to Dubai to catch a flight out to Vietnam. So good to finally have had them staying at ours though, and really good to hear them say "Next time we come..." Ha ha, now they're hooked! Welcome back anytime Enderleins!

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