Wednesday, 15 August 2018

On a rainy day

I could possibly have been the only one, but I kind of welcomed the rain once it finally came for longer than 10 minutes. This summer was amazing in every way, and warm, sunny weather surely helps - but I don't mind rainy days actually. I find them rather cosy.

On one of the last days with Mormor and Morfar we decided to go to Falköping and have a look at an exhibition Mormor wanted to see at the Falbygdens Museum. It was called "Two heads shorter" - an exhibition about two beheaded Vikings who were found under the surface of a square in Falköping a couple of years ago.

We also went upstairs to see the rest of the exhibits, about Ancient times in Falbygden, The Raspberry Girl, and much more.

Linnea, as per usual, had a good look in the souvenir shop but it was actually Lucas who found something he liked. Mormor ended up buying him an early Christmas present, a really nice, thick book about the Norse Gods.

And this is how you say 'Thank You'..! ♥︎

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