Sunday, 19 August 2018

Copenhagen Ironman 2018

We were actually here in Copenhagen to cheer on the Ironman participants two years ago as well, although that day was a much hotter day than today. I dare say that today had the absolute perfect conditions for the athletes, warm enough but no blaring sun.

We walked and walked along the route, to get to the finish line. So many people out and about to cheer on the participants, and such good atmosphere.
It was actually really touching to stand at the finish line and watch the athletes reach their goal. I got emotional sharing their joy and pride, some were crying as they turned down the red carpet, some ran with the arms in the air as they were Olympic gold medalists - with all right, what a feat!!

We arrived just as the first non-professional finished his run, and the first woman at exactly 09.00 hours. I waited about a bit for an old guide collegue of mine who I knew took part, and he came in just under 10 hours. Well done Micke!

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