Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Back to Bunkeflo

Yes, we managed to squeeze in a few more days with Pia and family before we left Scandinavia for this summer. It was so short when we were here in July, I was happy we got a few more days.

Their new outdoor room was, almost, finished. Finished enough for us to decorate it and be able to sit out there and enjoy our wine and cheese in the evenings. Oh my, so cosy!

Her kids were at school, and we left mine behind at home with Mollie the dog, and escaped to Emporia for some Mums-only shopping; or more like it, just a break for a few hours. After nearly 7 weeks of being together 24/7 I needed that!

On our last evening we invited Pia and the girls (Martin was at work) to Pinchos. They hadn't been before, so it was an obvious choice. Success all around!

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