Sunday, 5 August 2018

An Uppsala visit

This year we came back to Uppsala to visit my childhood friend Jenny and her boys. Jenny and I have caught up in Stockholm the last few summers but I hadn't seen her kids since the last time we came to visit them three years ago. Since then Jenny has split from her husband and moved into her own house, in another area of the town.
We did go back to the swimming hall in the city one afternoon, but mostly we chilled at theirs, the rain finally came so we played cards, cooked yummy food and took lots of dog walks and talked.

Jennys sister Johanna and one of her kids came for lunch one day. Really nice to catch up, we used to spend so much time together as kids.

Jenny has the world's most cuddly dog, Razza. She never got enough, you actually had to tell her "Stop" if you wanted a break.

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