Tuesday, 12 December 2017

My Tour Guide family

Last night I was invited to my Canadian friend Anne's house, together with a big part of our Tour Guide family here in Abu Dhabi. We often see each other around town while on our tours, and wave to each other in the mosque, but it was really nice to spend an evening together with time to relax and talk.

I feel so happy to be a part of this group, such a lovely bunch of ladies, from all over the world.

Everybody had brought a dish from their home country, so we enjoyed a truly international dinner! There was food from Spain, Dominican Republic, Peru, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, Italy and the UAE.
I didn't go for the obvious meatball-option, instead I cheated and brought the one thing I prepare really well, my mother-in-law's spinach dip! Mmm, a hit like always!


After dinner we played a 'Secret Santa'-game with gifts that we all had brought along.

I had drawn number 17, so I was the second to last person to choose a gift. This meant that I could take the last gift, or steal any gift that someone else had already opened. I had got my eye on a beautiful little scarf, so I "stole" it! Very content!

 Such a lovely evening! I sure am in Christmas mood now!

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