Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Lucky, lucky la-la!

We are really privileged with fantastic perks when it comes to traveling, thanks to Nathan's job. This trip to NZ was our annual ticket, which is confirmed only for economy class but upgradable if there are empty seats.
We had kept an eye on the loads all week ahead of our trip, and it looked promising. Even though you never know until the very last minute, we still dressed the part going to the airport.

It sure was our lucky day, we all got First Class seats!! For the kids and I it was our first time all the way up the front, so we were very, very excited!

It was a very good start to our holiday, each in our own little closable First Class cabin!

Fine dining with a beautiful set up:

We took a night in Melbourne to break the trip a bit, and our luck continued the next day when we got upgraded on Emirates across the ditch! Lucky, lucky la-la!

Champagne of course... always champagne!

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