Thursday, 14 December 2017

An early Swedish Julafton

This week has been busy, busy; not only did we celebrate Swedish Lucia at the residence of the Ambassador already on Tuesday, our family also celebrated Swedish Julafton yesterday, at home!

As we are off to NZ for Christmas, we had decided we didn't want to lug all our gifts there, just to lug them back again; so we decided to celebrate just us before we go. Last night was the only night, we were sure we would all be home.

So we celebrated, with the best parts of a Swedish Julbord, chocolate dessert - and gifts, of course!

Lucas got a book from the Swedish series Pax, which we have been reading since the summer; and Linnea another Swedish book from the "Jakten på Jack"-series. They also both got new covers for their laptops, and their yearly Santa decoration.
Linnea had got Lucas some new headphones as his old ones went through the wash, and Lucas had got Linnea some funky press-on nails. Linnea also got a couple of pairs of earrings and they both got clothes. Very spoiled kids!

Actually, it's not too bad to spread out Christmas like this!

Later in the evening when the craziness had calmed down and everyone had gone to bed (yes even Nathan, he was off to Edinburgh later in the night); I finished off the Lucia Day (which is 13th December) with enjoying a glass of glögg, in front of the official Swedish Lucia Celebrations on TV. So pretty!

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