Sunday, 24 December 2017

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve in NZ is a non-event. Well really, it's only up north we celebrate on the Eve, in the rest of the world Christmas is celebrated Christmas Day. Since we had already done our Swedish Julafton before we left, I wasn't too bothered with what we did on Christmas Eve, even though it obviously felt a little bit weird treating it like any other day.
We spent the morning at the Clevedon Markets.

After the markets, Nathan and Grandad took the boys for a swim at the beach, while the girls went to finish off the grocery shopping. 

There was also time for a bit of spa:

Traditionally we needed a Julafton family picture though, in front of the tree... which can hardly be seen, ha ha. 

And another one of the cousins: 

Preparations for Christmas got in full swing, Caitlin and Linnea got busy producing place cards for our Christmas dinner the next day:

We had ham for dinner, om nom nom!

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