Sunday, 13 April 2014

What a morning!

Today was finally the day when it was time for school, after a whole month off, yay! Although, we didn't quite get the nice and relaxed first morning that I had planned for - because we overslept!!!

I woke just before 7am, and all I can say is LUCKY we live so close to school (literally about 3 minutes away only), and LUCKY it doesn't start until 8am! Poor kids, instead of getting eased into early mornings and school routine, they got rushed around... Linnea did fine, she was wide awake straight away, and pretty excited anyway. (She had heard the alarm and "I tried to wake you mummy but you just kept snoring"... Oups...). Lucas took a few minutes longer to perk up, but they both had time for breakfast while I prepared their lunchboxes; and lucky they are old enough to get themselves dressed - they did that while I finished packing their bags.

One good thing was that Nathan now had time to get back from work, he had been flying all night again, and now he could come along for the drop-off. As it turns out, we were right on time.

You can drop your children off in the playground area before school. At 7.50am the National Anthem plays, and then everybody has to stand absolutely still and face the flag - when it's done it's time to go up to their classrooms, and school starts at 8am.

Today we walked with them of course, to meet their new teachers and friends.
Linnea was very excited because she is having a male teacher for the first time, Mr Richard. It got even more exciting when we realized he is a fellow Kiwi, from Palmerston North.
Lucas is with a lady from England, Ms Caroline. They both had got buddies assigned that will look after them this whole week. It'll be very exciting to hear later how the first day went!

I managed to do a little happy dance across the yard on the way out, when the tension from the stressful start of the morning finally released a bit. I'm so glad kids are finally back in school, and in the same school too! Phew. It's been a long month...

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