Monday, 21 April 2014

Summer hair

Today I went for my first Abu Dhabi haircut. Obviously there are a lot of places to go, but wise from experience, I really wanted to go somewhere on recommendation. I needed a hairdresser used to working with fine, blonde hair.
I messaged the expat hairdressers who used to cut my hair in Brunei if by any chance they would know somewhere, and I got lucky, both knew of salons to recommend! Because we needed to take 'The Beast' downtown to the garage for it's first service this afternoon, I decided to try the salon closest to there at the same time.

I got well looked after (once I found it, again, the no-addresses thing here is not helping a newbie..!), and got both a half head of foils, a haircut - and a coffee!

Next time I think I'll try the other salon though. Today's cut was ok, but not 100% me. My do got a little bit shorter than I had planned, an inch longer would have been perfect...
I like the shape though. I've had it a bit like this before, and I really enjoyed having a hair style, so it's no big deal, I will rock the really short for now!

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