Sunday, 20 April 2014

Here we go!

Last night we went out for dinner with Fernando, Nathan's Chilean mate, plus another family that he knew from Australia. Turned out Lucas knew the youngest son of the family, who is also in grade four in Raha! It was 50%-off-night at the Mexican restaurant Amerigos at the hotel where Nathan used to stay, so we took advantage of that and had a yummy dinner. (There are a lot of those kind of offers around on different days, excellent value for money.)

Cathy told me to come along this morning to this Bootcamp she goes to, and I thought why not. It's certainly about time I get back into the training, plus I am really looking forward to meeting some nice people.
So, after having dropped the kids off this morning, I went out to the Yas Marina where the Bootcamp was going to be held. I hadn't been out that way yet, it's absolutely gorgeous. It's full of restaurants, bars and cafées, so I'm looking forward to coming back there for a nice meal or two.

There was 12 of us girls this morning, and we set up in the shade along the water. It was exactly the kind of workout I like - body weight based, easy movements and you pushed only as hard as you could. A bit of banter and ribbing going on and a very lighthearted atmosphere. I like!

This Bootcamp happens four times a week, although I suspect as the weeks go on, starting the class at 9 am will be rather hot. They also do a session at 6 am, I might have to look at that eventually. I would still have time to come back home and take the kids to school.
Anyway, yay me - now I just need to keep the ball rolling!

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