Monday, 21 April 2014

The Master Bedroom

The turn has come to the Master Bedroom.
All the four bedrooms have a little hallway with cupboards, and bathrooms with bath tubs. The bedrooms are all very roomy and big, but they have different amounts of cupboards. I would think actually Lucas room has the most storage space!
In the bedroom we picked for ours there wasn't enough cupboards for our clothes, so we got three big IKEA Pax wardrobes as well. They are super tall with a lot of space, so now we can store nearly anything in our bedroom!

Nathan wanted a desk somewhere too. He needed somewhere to be, if we have people here, and he needs to study or something. We got him a small one that fitted in perfectly in the space left next to the wardrobes. He is also storing his "things" in the small bookshelves along the wall.

The view isn't the most exciting, there is a building site right on the other side of the street, and an empty plot - with sand.
It's not quite finished in here either, we are trying to find a big painting to mount over our bed, the big white walls need some colour. But I like our bedroom, the soft rugs and heavy blue curtains make it  cosy!

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