Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Five things

Our house is really coming together. I have now been back to IKEA a few times lately, on my OWN, and been able to get many of the last bits and pieces, in peace. There has been a lot of thought going in to organizing and planning, especially for the things we need to store, hence the many trips back there. There is always one more plastic box I need, one more cushion cover, one more packet of tea lights...

The house is now fully functional, with just about all the furniture we need in place. Now it's all about personalizing it, and making it a home. The fun part!
The paintings still need to get up on the walls, some things still need to be moved around to find their spot, some small purchases are still on my list - but on the whole, we are pretty much done, and it feels good.
I'll be sure to post some photos shortly.

Five good things with this house:
- The shower is powerful. (Those of you who know me, knows how much I hate showers that just kind of rains on you!)
- It's location. It's super close to school (literally takes 3 minutes!), the airport and the supermarket.
- It has a lot of cupboards in each bedroom, we just need to figure out how to optimize the use of them.
- It's got big windows, so the bedrooms and the living area is really light.
- All bedrooms have bathrooms, with bath tubs, and our guest room is truly first class!

Five not so good things with this house:
- The sand that comes into the house, every day. I hate crusty floors.
- The entrance way is very dark, since it doesn't have any windows.
- The compound itself is still full of building rubble, dirt, rubbish and sand, and the garden is (currently) not a garden. At all.
- The handymen finishing off this house were not very handy. F.e they must have had no clue what masking tape is... or a screw driver even. Cupboard doors hanging off it's hinges, light switches mounted crooked, paint absolutely everywhere on door frames, lamps and everywhere else it's not supposed to be. Sloppy, to say the least.
- There is no home addresses here (well, that's not just for our house, but the whole country), makes it quite challenging for delivery or maintenance people.

When we first arrived in Brunei I wrote a similar post about our first house, the Rimba house, where we lived for the first 11 1/2 months. You can read it here.

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