Friday, 18 April 2014

Linnea's room

Even though a home is never really 'done', I've mentioned so many times now that we have most of the furniture and other things in place in the house, I guess it's time we take a bit of a tour. There are still small details that needs addressing, but you will get an idea.
We will start in Linnea's room:

Linnea insisted on a loft bed and although I was a bit hesitant (in case she would get tired of it quickly, then what...) it proved to be the perfect solution for her. It created so much more space in her room by being able to place her new desk under it.
She loves both her bed and her desk area, and spends a lot of time arranging and rearranging her stationary and other little things.

The sofa is a sofabed for her little guests, and otherwise it's where she sits to watch her TV or play the Wii, which is in her room. We got her a lot of storage shelves, since she still has a lot of different little toys and things that needs space.

She also wanted a mirror in her room, and we are about to mount some hooks on that short wall next to the window, for her to hang her bags and other clothing accessories on. We are also in process of mounting her posters and other pictures at the moment.
I like her room, because it's a room she can grow in, it certainly isn't a little girls room anymore.

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