Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The living area

Ok, this is probably the part of the house that is actually the least finished, but I'll show you how it looks now anyway.
It's the big room downstairs which is our living area. It's sort of split in three parts, the TV/sofa part, my "office" part, and the dining room part.
We have only put a very few things on the walls here still. One reason being we are not quite sure where we want the rest of our pictures and photos to go, another being we don't have paintings or pictures big enough to suit some of the walls! We have to go art shopping!

Here's the living room bit. I'm in two minds if I should get one more rug (of the same), turn them around and place them side by side, to cover a bit more of the floor..?
I really don't like walking on these tiles, they hurt my feet, I want as many rugs in the house as possible. They could also be the colour we need to add to the very plain base we have chosen.

My desk. One of my favourite places in the house!
I had my heart set on a white printer, and my oh my did it take us quite some time hunting for one, but we found one! I really like the clean look of my little office corner, which was a must when having it in the living room. I also like being that I'm now in the middle of everything, and everyone, when I work.

The dining area. I'm undecided about what kind of rug to get for this area too. I want to cover as much of the red tiles as possible. Should we go Persian style (I like them in blue, or maybe red), or stick with something more modern, with patterns?
Also, Nathan poo-poohed my ideas for bookshelf and glass cabinet, so we are still hunting for that. We need some more storage here, and also the room actually need some more furniture. The walls are so big they kind of swallow those buffet tables.

Finally, the only part of the "garden" that I currently like! We are awaiting a quote from a company that will come and fix the garden up for us, but in the meantime, this is sort of it of cosy outside...

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  1. If you're looking for some good furniture, you mustn't miss a trip to the IKEA store in Marina mall. All the house fittings in my place were from there. Oh how I miss Abu Dhabi! I hope to graduate soon and fly for Etihad some day!