Thursday, 3 April 2014

Big car - bigger car!

For those of you who have asked how big our car really is, for it to qualify to be called 'The Beast' - well..:

The car to the right is a Toyota Fortuner, the same kind of car as the one we had in Brunei. To the left - is our Beast! It certainly isn't some dainty crossover car.
It's a truck-based full-size SUV with ample room for all eight passengers, plus it has loads of towing and hauling ability. It weighs 2,5+ tonnes empty and has a 5,7 litre V8 engine. Lucky fuel is cheap!

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  1. Här i USA finns ju också Toyota Seqoia så jag vet att den är stoooor. Men så finns det ju en del Suburban och andra megastora amerikanska bilar också, så här är den ändå hyfsat normal. Vi har en Toyota Highlander, som väl är som en Volvo XC90 ungefär.