Saturday, 19 April 2014

Lucas' room

Let's continue the tour of our new house. These photos of Lucas' room were taken the same day he had decided to all of a sudden unpack all his Lego... Hence, it's a little bit messy...
He has gone for the black/white/orange colour scheme, and he decided he wanted blackout curtains to make sure he could sleep in the mornings. 

He also has a sofabed for his overnight guests, and a few shelves and a bookshelf. We are not quite sure yet how we are going to organize the Lego. At the moment it's just simply stored in the plastic bags it was moved in. We haven't mounted his paintings and posters either yet, but it's all happening, slowly.

We are trying to change the layout of Lucas' room. It just doesn't feel right as it is now. The plan is to keep moving the furniture around a bit until we find the happy balance. The sofabed as it's placed now is too far away for the TV for him to sit in when he's playing the Xbox, so we will have to figure that one out.
At least he is happy with the furniture itself, and the colours, so that's all good. I really enjoy that they both like spending time in their rooms, which is even more important here where we don't have a common play area for them as we did in Brunei.

Edit: We have now spent a while moving things around, and we think we have found a better solution! See here:

We've created a cosy play corner, with the sofabed in front of the TV (the TV will be moved to the left a bit, so it's centered over the shelf). If ever he would have that many friends over to play that they cant all fit in the sofa, someone can sit on the bed too, without having to be too far away.

The other white shelf was moved to the other wall. As you can see, all the Lego is still in the plastic bags though. We are not rushing this as we have to have a serious think about a good plan for it's storage. There is a fair bit of it... about 160+ sets of Lego... all currently in pieces...

Anyway, we are much happier with his room this way, it has a nice flow and feel for a big boy's room. Lucas likes it too, he thinks it feels like he has three different rooms in one: an office, a bedroom and a Xbox-room! :)


  1. I really love your blog. And thank you for continuing your blog posting even though you are not in Brunei anymore. I've mentioned on my blog about WatsOnAbuDhabi. But I write it in Malay. You may use the Google Translator which I embed at the side of my blog... Enjoy there with your family

  2. And the link is here