Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Etihad pilot

We have been lucky to have had Nathan around for all of our first two weeks here. Until today.
He's been "working", being on stand by some of the days, but since he is still line training, there was not really any big risk he was going to get called out, since it had to be a training flight.

Today was actually the first day since we got here that he went to work, and it was all funny to see him in a different uniform than the usual one!

Flying should be a little bit more fun and challenging here to begin with, since most of the airports EY fly to are new to Nathan, and there are so many of them! Also, the company is so much bigger than what he's been used to, so you don't only fly with the same people over and over again, which should make for a bit more varied conversation.
Now I just need that drivers license so I don't have to be housebound all day when he's at work...


  1. He looks great in that swanky uniform! I wish him luck in his career as a pilot for the national airline of the UAE!

  2. Where do you have to live if you are a etihad airways pilot. By the way good luck for the coming year����!!!