Monday, 21 April 2014


Everybody has an opinion on homework. Some parents want it, some parents hate it. I belong to the later category for sure.
Lucky for me, JIS decided to abolish homework this year, so the kids only had spelling and reading to do at home. It was a welcomed change from the previous years I can tell you..!
Unfortunately here at RIS, there is homework again. Boo.

Why do I hate it so much?
I honestly don't think it has any benefit to the children, quite the opposite. It becomes a chore and it affects the rest of their school work, and takes away whatever passion they might have. And to be honest, a lot of the time it requires a lot of parent involvement, because it's too complicated or demanding.
Lucas now has quite a bit of homework, and I must say, we nearly spend more time convincing him to sit down and get on with it - than with the homework itself! Once he gets going, it's done fairly quickly!

Linnea is a different creature who likes doing her homework. Plus it's not very demanding in Grade 2. She has three different assignments each week, plus the daily reading. Last week one task was to look up and make a recipe that contained fractions. Said and done, we made Swedish "Chokladbollar"! Quite a nice piece of homework!

Lucas would have at least seven different assignments (and that's not including the Arabic homework which I haven't got my head around yet!).
This week he has one time table to revise, one maths homework and one problem solving maths homework. He also has a grammar homework, a specific homework regarding their current topic (this week it's measurements); spelling and a social homework. The social homework this weeks is to "Design and make a collage using everyday items in your home". Guess who will be doing most of that...

Anyway, one positive thing here with the homework is that they get it on the Sunday (first day of the week) and it has to be in again on the Thursday (last day of the school week). So no homework over the weekend! And, it's posted online, no paper trail!
Yesterday we sat outside and did the homework, which was rather nice!

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