Thursday, 24 April 2014

The kitchen

Well, the kitchen in our house is like any other kitchen around I guess. Here you have to buy your own white goods, nothing is installed when you move in. We decided to go for stainless steel in all the appliances, from oven and toaster to rubbish bin and coffee maker etc.

It's a sociable kitchen thanks to the wall mounted table, we just as often sit here and have our meals as at the dining table. Especially now since we still don't have a maid, we tend to spend a bit of time in the kitchen together.

The thing on the window is a plastic screen that stops people from peeking right in. We realized that in the evenings, anyone who pass can see all that's going on in the kitchen and we felt a bit like living in an aquarium.
The plastic screen works alright, but I think we've come to the conclusion that we will have to get someone with a tile drill mount a curtain pole for us, so that we can draw some curtains in the evenings and get total privacy. We've seen some of the neighbours have done that, so it certainly is a better solution.

One of my favourite things in the kitchen is my new colourful rug which my parents brought down for me. It really gave the kitchen a lift and helps brightening up the dull colours of the walls and the cupboards. It's a plastic rug from Swedish brand Pappelina, something I've always wanted.

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