Monday, 27 December 2021

Christmas Day 2021

Oh how lovely it is with bigger kids... my Christmas Day started with getting coffee in bed, made by Linnea. Lucky me!

There was a surprisingly big amount of gifts under the tree, for just the four of us. After initially having been a bit confused about where to sit now with our new design of the room (since last Christmas), we carried them all over to the sofas, piled them up and took turns opening.

There was happy faces all around!

Linnea had got Lucas a funny shirt in Sweden that she was very pleased with, especially since he loved it.

He also got a few pairs of socks, a leather strap for his Apple watch, Christmas PJs, a new controller and some other gaming things. The family in NZ had sent over money, and Mormor had got him a sports kit for padel and picked out a nice new shirt that he wore later in the day. He also got the traditional Santas and Christmas tree decorations, of course.

Nathan got an Apple wallet that attaches to his phone, Christmas PJs, snaps glasses, noise reducing headphones and Christmas decorations - and a game that the kids had found which they HAD to buy him, "That's what she said"...

I actually got a few gifts that I didn't know what they were - apart from the roller skate protective gear, and storage bag, that I had sorted myself. I also got bath bombs and the game 'Ticket to Ride'! I'm not sure that the family realised that they now have to play it WITH me..!

Linnea was probably the one scoring the most stuff, as she wishes for smaller things generally. Mormor gave her a Christmas pillow, underwear, Rituals shower foam, a make-up bag and Christmas earrings, plus the yearly Santa and tree ornament. Auntie Nikki and the gang gave her a blue strap for her Apple Watch. She also got beads, books, a Bullet Journal and some other bits and bobs - and, her turn this year, a new laptop!

Unfortunately I didn't get a family Christmas Day photo this year. I was the only one ready in time to get a few shots before our guests arrived, and then we forgot all about it.

We had invited our friends the Nordins over for Christmas Dinner, started our afternoon with one ofe my more recent favourite Christmas drinks, some 'Glubbel' (glöggbubbel) I had brought from Sweden:

We had (for the 3rd time) ordered the Festive Hamper from the Westin, with turkey and all its trimmings. It was good, and the Nordins first turkey dinner; but I think next year we will order from somewhere else if we celebrate at home. Even though we had got the big box, it was just enough trimmings to go around for one serving. Turkey on the other hand, we will be eating for a week at least!

I was bummed we had forgot all about the Christmas crackers (not my tradition really), but we had a great day, eating, laughing, talking and playing games. I had to quickly whip up an alternative dessert as the ants had attacked the Chocolate Yule Log, so we had a saffran gooey cake with raspberry frosting, mmm! Then later in the evening when we got a bit hungry again, Henke brought out his home cured salmon and gravlax-sauce, and his homemade gubbröra which all went down a treat! Yum!

We finished our Christmas Day very very late after our guests had gone home, by playing Nathans new game. Ha ha, lots of laughs there! Great day!
Merry Christmas to all! ❤️

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