Friday, 31 December 2021

Before packing down

Nathan is working all day today on New Years Eve, so we have decided to postpone our traditional New Years dinner (fondue) to tomorrow. Instead we cooked up a lovely morning brunch to be enjoyed all together before he left for work. If we are lucky he might make it home just in time for 12 o'clock.
So kids and I are on our own and have very unceremoniously decided to have... pizza tonight!
Yup! That's us! Pizza and board games!

I managed to go a whole week after coming back home before having to leave the house and go to the Mall, yay! But the other day Linnea was going to the movies, so the rest of us went to exchange some Christmas gifts, sort my broken screen protector, and do some grocery shopping at the same time.
So since all of us have been at the house so much, we decided to keep the Christmas decorations up until this weekend for a change, but tomorrow - they are gone! New year - new house!

Before packing them up, here are our new Christmas tree decorations for this year.
Nathan got quite a few new ones this year, from Mormor. She is very good at always keeping an eye out for little things that suit him! A flying Santa for example:

A rollerbag:

And the favourite, a beer bottle bauble which states 'Micro Brew':

I got myself, and also the kids, some lussekatt decorations. Our favourite Swedish sweet Christmas treat for all the julfika:

I was lucky during transit on the way to Sweden, that I decided to buy some baubles in the Amsterdam Airport Museum shop. As on the way back - all airport shops were closed due to the new restrictions in the Netherlands. I just couldn't resist this Starry Night Van Gogh bauble, and a pretty tulip, even if I have a Delft porcelain one from Amsterdam from before.

While in Sweden I also picked this Dalahäst up:

And this years favourite, one that Mormor made a long time ago from birch bark. The kids and I each got one:

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