Friday, 11 June 2021

Tooting my own horn

1994 I studied my first term at University, in Skövde. I was unsure back then about what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I enjoyed languages, so I started with French. I studied up to and finished a C-level course in French eventually.

During my time in Copenhagen as an air hostess, I also studied a bit on the side. I went back and forth (back then with Flygbåtarna!) to Lund University in my spare time, and followed courses in Nordic Languages, English grammar and translation, Danish, Linguistics and Modern Greek.

During the past two years I have enjoyed studying remotely via different universities in Sweden. I have joined courses which have enriched my knowledge for my work, such as Material culture in Museums, Non-European Art, Ancient History and of course - Art History.

Yesterday I completely closed the book on the B-level of Art History. Via Zoom, I had the opposition on my academic essay and I'm so confident that it went well, that I am already celebrating! Sure, it is "only" a Bachelor of Arts, but it is a University degree - and considering it has taken me 27 years to finally finish it, I am so very, very proud of myself right now! Yay me!

I will keep studying in the fall, mostly because I enjoy it! There are so many interesting courses to join! But who knows, maybe while I'm on a roll, I'll continue on with a Masters degree!

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