Saturday, 5 June 2021

31 May - 5 June 2021

Sunday and Swedish Mothers Day. I got no flowers, nor balloons or presents (booo...), but at least I decided I didn't want to cook. So while Nathan was at work I took the kids to a new restaurant in Masdar for dinner. I had heard about their robot waiters, so I thought it was a fun thing to try. 

Food was a bit average, and as we were the only ones there it felt a bit lonely, but the robots were cool! They both served us the food, cleared our plates and danced for us - the future is here!

Monday and kids back to school, yay! I did my treadmill workout and then went to Al Bateen for lunch with Linda.

She had a place in mind she wanted to try, and luckily the food was really delicious because we were the only ones there (seems to be a thing for many places in AD at the moment unfortunately...), so not much ambiance. I can imagine it being lovely when crowded and busy.

I made pancakes for dinner, as Nathan was at work, and then I took the kids back to the mall to get Lucas some jeans as well, as the current offer was so good and he was in desperate need of trousers. Mission accomplished - two pairs for him, and even one for me! Score!

Tuesday, treadmill and back to the ENT to try and sort out the issues with my sore throat. They actually seem to be something Gastro-related, so across the hall I went to the Gastro-specialist straight away, and booked in for more tests in a few weeks.
Picked up the kids, had a short afternoon nap, and cooked something carbonara-like with spaghetti for dinner.

Wednesday and we got a padel game going today as well. It was slow (over 70% humidity!) and sweaty, but fun as always. Nathan cooked ribs, corn-on-the-cob and potato salad for dinner and then he went to watch the cycling with his mate Murph, so I watched Swedish TV by myself.

Thursday and I woke up with a headache. Couldn't have coffee to fight it off as I was going in for a small medical procedure, and the headache ended up lasting all day. So I spent most of the afternoon after coming home from the hospital on the sofa, feeling a bit sorry for myself before I managed to do todays treadmill session.
Nathan did the kids school runs and also took Linnea for a (scheduled) vaccination, and then - because Thursday - we had pizza for dinner.

Friday and I woke up with a headache, again, so it took a while for me to get my day going. But did my exercise, had a nap (...) and then Linnea and I went to IKEA to pick up my new desk top for my desk, a wider but shorter one. Cooked some dahl and rice for dinner. Then I started moving things around and realised the desk top wasn't going to work, so I will have to go back to IKEA again tomorrow...

Saturday and up even earlier than on a school day to go play padel! Lotta and I got our butts kicked by some of her British friends. I guess this shows we need to be playing more with different people, to learn and evolve.
Nathan went to work and I took the kids to the dentist, and then back to IKEA to exchange the desk top for a bigger one. Grilled chicken salad for dinner, gearing up for next week which is the big exam week, both for me but more importantly for Lucas. Mock exams coming up.

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