Saturday, 26 June 2021

20 June - 26 June 2021

Sunday and a new week. Most of my friends are leaving early for summer holiday already this week. Then it will really be empty and boring around here. Read back my blog posts from June 2020, and sadly, I could have just copied and pasted them - not much have changed. In a YEAR. Back then there was still some optimism though, now I'm a lot more crass. Sad really.
Kids had e-learning today and I did some admin, AND... watched some TV - well of course, who am I kidding! Made creamy salami pasta for dinner, which proved to be a winner.

Monday and we played some padel in the heat again, after a night of not much sleep since our AC packed up (again). Thanks to a small breeze, playing wasn't too bad though.
Nathan and I had lunch at Circle Café before picking the kids up, and after trying to do some more plans around the summer movements, we had Lemon Chicken for dinner. A tad hot today...

Tuesday, exercise and then lunch with Linda to say 'Happy Summer'. We went to discover another new place for us, with a funky, industrial look and very good coffee - Mood Café. Some TV watching in the afternoon, and then pork loins, mashed potato and veggies for dinner before we played another chapter of 'My City'. Three chapters done, five to go..!

Wednesday and even though I was going for padel in the evening, I did a stint on the treadmill in the morning to get some steps in for the day. I also saw Frida for lunch and to say 'Happy Summer' to her too. Padel was great tonight, we played at a sports club in the city brimming with activity. So nice, even in this heat, to see kids playing basket, riding rollerblades, playing football, running etc.

Came home to pasta bolognese for dinner.

Thursday and we finally finalized the summer travel tickets this morning. Great feeling to have a date and be able to start making some more plans, aaahhh!
Apart from this, not much else worth writing about happened today, ha ha. Pulled pork for dinner, was yummy.

Friday and Swedish Midsummer and a slow morning, like any other weekend really.

Lucas went to YWW with some friends in the afternoon, so after I had dropped him off I went to have the car washed and then get some supplies for evening 'fika'. The rest of us had sushi for dinner (close enough to the traditional herring I guess), and then Linnea and I baked a beautiful strawberry cake.

Saturday and not much going on today either. Nathan went to work and today Linnea went to see a friend. Lucas and I hung about at home.
Meatball and potato stew for dinner and movie night with the 'Ice Road' movie. One more week of school (-ish) before summer holidays.

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