Saturday, 19 June 2021

13 - 19 June 2021

Sunday and the kids are back at e-learning, again-again. This time "until further notice", which most probably actually means - "See you next term!"... Argh!!!
I had another (yes!) tour at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, this time with a small group from the Danish community, very, very nice! I was lucky bumping in to my Greek friend Amaryllis after the tour, so we had lunch together in the museum café.

Brought home roti for lunch for the others, went to get another PCR (need one not older than 3 days each time I go to work) and did my daily treadmill session. Nathan cooked pasta and meat sauce for dinner, and then we finished both Lupin and Younger.

Monday and finally back to the padel court, yay! We practised our positioning, so lots of moving back and forth, and today it was hot, hot, hot. Made me feel a bit icky for the rest of the day, not good.
Dinner was "whatever-we-could-find-in-the-freezer" which meant pizza for the others and veggie burger for me.

Tuesday and I had another Swedish tour at the Louvre Abu Dhabi. I am so glad that these tours happened, I really enjoy doing tours for people who live here - open their eyes about this amazing place. Today was super nice too, I have so enjoyed being back, telling the stories and talking art! I can't wait until after the summer, hopefully by then there will be many more tours, fingers crossed!

Linnea and I went to do the groceries in the afternoon and then we had tuna pasta for dinner.

Wednesday and I started the day with hotel breakfast to say goodbye to Jennifer and Sara, who are leaving Abu Dhabi for good. Hopefully we will catch up some other time, in some other place!

Then I spent the rest of the day at home, just chilling. Feels really good to have absolutely nothing on my to-do list, for now. Aaahhh.
Nathan was at work and we had chicken and cauliflower curry for dinner before I did my treadmill session almost just before bedtime, better late than never.

Thursday and I started my day without coffee as I had to go and do a breath-test (for my throat issues) at the lab. Lucky it's close by and quickly done, so I could get home and get coffee and get on with my day. Treadmill and a long Zoom call with Carin in Rome made my afternoon. Nathan went to work, the kids got instructed what to cook themselves for dinner, and I went for wine & cheese to say goodbye to a dear Louvre Abu Dhabi colleague who's leaving to return to France.

Friday and I had a bit of a sleep-in, aahh. Nathan went to work, and Linnea baked brownies in the morning (as she had made another batch last night, which the ants had attacked...). Friday feeling galore.
A very chill day all together, I did my exercise and then spent the afternoon catching up on some TV - pizza for dinner in front of the Euro2020 match between Sweden and Slovakia, which ended with a win.

Saturday and another very quiet inside day. Nathan was at work again, and all I had on my schedule was exercise and taking the kids for their PCR, as school is supposed to open again on Monday. Let's see if they can make it all the way to end of term, only 8,5 school days left. Beef Stroganoff for dinner.

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