Saturday, 12 June 2021

6 - 12 June 2021

Sunday and Swedish National Day, hip hourray!

Today has gone by so fast, Lucas did his Business Studies exam and then came home, only to keep studying for tomorrow's exams... I worked all day on the opposition I have to do on another academic essay. Luckily I got one with a subject that is really interesting, so I'm happy.
Nathan went to work so the kids and I took advantage and had pancakes, again.

Monday and no exercise in the morning as I had padel planned for the evening, for a change! Instead I had coffee with German Karin, and kept researching for the exam opposition. The padel game was at the courts in the city, so a long drive, but worth it! GREAT play, some of it with our newfound British friends and a lady who got some bad news and had to leave in the middle of the game. So the rest of it Coach Carlos gracefully stepped in as the fourth player, and gave excellent coaching advice during the game! Came home to tacos for dinner.

Tuesday and school runs, treadmill and studies during the day. Then I went to a farewell dinner for two friends who are leaving Abu Dhabi for good very soon. Fun, but no fun, always sad to say "so long".

Wednesday and no exams for Lucas today so he had a study day at home. Time for PCR-tests though, so we had those done after Linnea got back from school. Me too actually, as I needed a fresh test because I have LAD tours on the weekend!
Minute steak, veggies, wedges and chili bearnaise for dinner, yum!

Thursday and D-day for both Lucas and myself. Last mock exams for Lucas, and opposition on my academic essay. It all went well (I think!) and now - it's DONE completely! 

Now I just have to wait for the grading, but just passing is really all that matters, and I'm pretty sure I'll do that. We went out for fancy dinner for a bit of a celebration, at the lush Buddah Bar, suuuuper nice! Yay us!

Friday and while Nathan went to work, I had a well-deserved sleep-in. Not really time to relax with three LAD tours ahead of me the next few days, but it still felt nice to be able to put all the Art History books back in the book shelf (for now), store the essay, and throw away all the notes I have frantically made the past few days in preparation for the opposition.
Today was a very chilled home day for the rest of us, and when Nathan got home from work we tried a new take-away from the new supermarket café down the road, which was surprisingly good!

Saturday and yay - I went to WORK! Oh my, I sure was a bit rusty after all this time, but it was just SO MUCH fun! It was with a Swedish group, and I enjoyed it so much.

Best thing is - I get to do it all again tomorrow, for a Danish group!
I got myself some beautiful flowers to celebrate this great week, we had baked potatoes and sausages for dinner, and yippie-yay - Lupin is back on TV!

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