Sunday, 19 April 2020

Corona Diary, Day 39-40

Day 39, Friday 17 April
I must admit sometimes it's hard to get that proper weekend-feeling when we are all at home anyway all day every day... But today we have tried at least.
I made fresh scones for breakfast and we cleared off the dining table and turned it into a ping-pong table for the weekend, something especially Linnea enjoyed. Bless her, she is really trying to keep herself busy, but she is becoming increasingly bored by this isolation. She also tried making macarons today, which turned into a bit of a fail as it's rather complicated, will have to give that another try another day. I kept her company in the kitchen in the meantime. It was time to clear out, clean, label and reorganise the food cupboards.

In the evening we had some real comfort food (chicken curry) for dinner while we binge watched 'Younger'.

Day 40, Saturday 18 April

Nathan was having a ride scheduled "together" with some friends via Zwift in the afternoon today, so it was a bit of an inverted schedule with some cleaning and organizing going on in the morning, and the training got done in the late afternoon.
Today we attacked the stove-top fan (yuk!), the top of the kitchen cabinets (yuk, yuk, yuk!) and the storage room.

I must admit I keep things pretty tidy around here normally as well, but today we really went through everything - even the inside of the tool box!

I guess all this cleaning and sorting out is a solution for two things, firstly it gives me a something to do of course, it's one of the ways I get time to pass. Secondly, it's a way to feel control in all this uncertainty - control of something.
I am a planner, I need to have things to look forward to and I like to be in control, but right now it feels like I am living in a void. All information about the different restrictions we need to follow here is given "until further notice", so we all we can do is keep living day by day. I feel like I'm treading water just waiting for - well, I don't know. I don't know if next week will be the same as this, if we will be allowed to go outside next month or travel during the summer holidays; or this year at all!
I can't make any plans, whatsoever - other than for today, and maybe tomorrow. I guess this is why I make sure I exercise every day and why I have created a to-do list of small projects to get into; at least I can control my daily life, and it feels good.

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