Monday, 13 April 2020

Corona Diary, Day 32-34. Easter

Day 32, Friday 10 April. Good Friday
Pandemic or not, some things just don't change. Like the fact that in this family I am the only one ever upholding any sort of traditions. Like decorating the house for different holidays, or planning the special foods to eat etc. Mind you, we have always had a mix of traditions for Easter, mostly since we have often been traveling and taken the traditions of where we have been.
Easter has always involved chocolate though, and especially Linnea is still confused about which day is the "right" Easter, for the only reason she wants to know when she'll get the candy... Usually when the kids were younger, there was an Easter Egg Hunt at some stage. But the last few years that has turned into the appearance of the Swedish Easter-cardboard-egg-full-of-candy by their bedside in the night instead as: 1) we don't have a garden big enough to go hunting in and 2) it's April, and already too hot to hide chocolate eggs outside.
No egg here today though, but I did bake some delicious hot cross buns yesterday that we had for breakfast and we are having a big leg of lamb for dinner. We have cleared off the dining table from school stuff to be able to sit together and enjoy what will hopefully be a nice meal. I am wearing a yellow skirt, the only yellow I have in my wardrobe. Happy Easter!

Day 33, Saturday 11 April. Easter Saturday
Today was a bit of a weird day with mixed feelings. I woke up feeling a bit "here-we-go-again". Every day is just same-same, get up, get through the day, go to sleep, and again. Had a few tears during some chats with friends.
I feel like I am a emotion-less zombie. There is just too much to be sad and worried about, most of it things that I can do nothing about anyway, so no point having those feelings. There is nothing really to look forward to or be happy about (apart from the obvious "at least we are together, we are not sick, we have a roof over our head and food on our table" yada yada...), so not much joy to feel either. The only feeling that kind of oozes out of me every now and then is despair and frustration... and that's not very nice either.

After my exercise today I had the bright idea of reshuffling the furniture in the guest room to give me more space to work out. It took a bit of our afternoon to sort that out, and it turned out really well (see the Quarantraining post below), so I got all giddy about that! Now I can't wait to go exercising tomorrow in my "new gym"!
A Zoom-call with my parents and gifting the kids their Easter eggs also brightened my day. Luckily it doesn't take much to turn the mood around these days! Here's to an all around better day tomorrow, at least the moment we get a new chance of a better day - every day!

Day 34, Sunday 12 April. Easter Sunday
Not much celebration going on in our house this Easter Sunday, it's a normal school day for us, and I have just spent two hours in my new workout area! So pleased!
The hot cross buns are already finished but in other news, our new pasta machine turned up today so time for Linnea and I to have a play around with our new kitchen gadget later!

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