Monday, 23 March 2020

What a shit year this week has been

Well, after two weeks of Spring Break, or as I would say - of "same-same" as every day felt like Groundhog Day; we have now started with new routines since school is back again. Of course it's home school via e-learning, with the help of an array of apps and programs, but it still starts early in the mornings.

At 7.45 every morning the kids check in, and then they have nine scheduled lessons throughout the day, including a morning break, until lunch at 1pm. In the afternoon there is student support time when the teachers are available for online meetings, teams chats etc.

I would say so far, so good, but we are still only on day two! Let's see if it is just as fun come May and June, as I really don't see the kids going back physically to school any more this school year unfortunately.

In other news, the UAE has just announced today that things will get taken up yet another notch here in the fight to flatten the curve and ultimately beat the COVID-19. We are now urged to stay at home unless absolutely necessary.
That will not be too hard, as there is really nowhere to go anymore. Already we have the closure of all tourist attractions, theme parks, cultural sites, beaches, parks, cinemas, indoor play lands, pubs and night clubs; further to that restaurants will now also close, there will be no printed newspapers, the shopping malls will close (apart from grocery shops and pharmacies) AND there will be NO flights in, out or transiting for at least the next two weeks...

This means of course that nobody can travel nowhere. I will not be able to go to see my parents in Sweden if there is an emergency. A truly sickening feeling if any.
Still, I trust this is the right decision, we all need to do all we can to fight the spread of this virus. Staying at home isn't the hardest thing to comply with.

Also, had I traveled when we still could, who knows when I would've been able to come back. At least now we are together in this as a family. We will continue to hunker down here. Let's hope we also continue to like each other when this is all over..!

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