Friday, 13 March 2020

Corona times

Nope, I haven't blogged for a while, and truthfully I probably wont have much to blog about for a while either - considering not much is happening and there is not much to talk about right now, other than the Coronavirus COVID-19. Nobody talks about anything else at the moment, neither in real life, on the news or on social media.

The situation is changing rapidly day by day. For us it means that currently the kids have been home from school for a week. It was decided to move up Spring Break by two weeks, and then instead of going back to school physically after that, there will be e-learning. It's planned to go on for two weeks, until they (might or might not) go back to school again on the 5th of April. So technically we have another week of holidays, before we start home schooling.
Although it's not really much of a holiday, it is more a self-imposed preventive home quarantine. Advice is to only go out if you need to, and stay away from crowds, so that's what we do.

As the country have taken many precautions around the situation, all of which I agree on completely, tourism has decreased and I don't have any work scheduled either at the moment. Cruise ships for example are not allowed to dock in the UAE, although I had made a personal decision not to do any more cruise ship tours anyway before it got to this.
Nathan is still working although he is not flying but spending all of his work days at the training center and in the SIM.

For us as a family it will most probably affect our planned trip to NZ at the end of the month. We are waiting to see, as a lot can happen in two weeks, and nobody knows which travel bans will be in place. 

The kids and I haven't been home to NZ since last year this time, and if it doesn't happen now it will not happen until maybe next year for Spring Break, IF Nathan is lucky to get leave then.
We had the Memorial Service for Grandma and Grandad planned for this visit, so of course it would be extremely sad if we can't go; but still, it's just a trip and the main thing is the big picture. NZ will still be there.

So, for the moment we are hunkering down at home, like many other people. Waiting, reading the news, hoping for a miracle anti-vaccine or some solution which will put a stop on this bizarre, unreal situation we are all experiencing in these Corona times...

Stay safe and healthy out there.

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