Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Corona Diary, Day 19-20. Second week of home school

Day 19, Sunday 28 March
Back to school. I like the school days best, as it means I get up in the morning (someone has to wake the kids up, they've never learned to wake by normal alarms...) and get on with my day a little bit earlier. I like routine.

The sanitation program which has been in place this weekend is now extended for another full week. This means we can not under any circumstances leave our houses between 8pm and 6 am every night. During daytime we can move around, but we have to follow all new restrictions now in place, failing to comply will cause hefty fines. For example these: we can only go out for necessities, food supplies or medical reasons and we can have no more than 3 people in a car.

Today was also grocery day. I try to go only once a week, and even though you are allowed to go get food supplies, it feels like I am doing something I'm not supposed to leaving the house. Today I took Linnea after school was done. Felt nice to actually dress up (I always do get dressed, but most days it's just comfortable clothes, which also needs no ironing, ha ha), put on lenses (I just wear my glasses now that we are just at home all the time) and even a bit of a "face"!
To get into the supermarket, you have to pass through and have your temperature checked. New today was that we weren't allowed in without plastic gloves and face masks. Luckily they were handing some out so we could get in.

The supermarkets here are well stocked, of both food, toilet paper and hand sanitizers. A lot of other new things are in place, like markers on the floor to help you maintain safe distance for the queuing at checkout, and protective plastic screens in front of the cashiers:

It felt pretty apocalyptic watching everyone walk about with masks and gloves on. Even though I had looked forward to my only outing of the week, I actually couldn't get out of there fast enough...

Day 20, Monday 30 March
Today started out a pretty good day. Nathan, Linnea and I did some workout together after school which was really nice. So much sitting around these days, I NEED to workout and move about every day.
Linnea also had got a hair colour kit at the supermarket, so we dyed her hair blue, since her home school have slightly more relaxed uniform rules..!
Then in the evening the dreaded news came, expected maybe but we had still been hopeful - e-learning will continue for the rest of this academic year... What a bummer. School is going alright as such, but kids are missing their social life. Booo.

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