Saturday, 28 March 2020

Corona Diary, Day 17-18

Day 17, Friday 27 March
All we have at the moment is time, and lots of it. Lots of time to think if nothing else and I sure am not the only one have a brain in overdrive, thinking about all sorts of things. For example how this co-living will affect our relationship, our family. Hopefully in a good way, but who knows!!
We are lucky to live in a house big enough so that we are all able to get our own space if needed, but I have also realised (at least this far into this isolation, ask me again in a month or two...) that we actually do enjoy each others company. I imagine some might experience the opposite. I read an article about the expectancy to see a rise in divorce rates when this is all over. I guess many people will actually never have spent this much time together 24/7 in one go.

Today it is the weekend here. No school. Not much change in the daily program though apart from having a wee sleep-in before getting on the treadmill. Linnea joined me for my strength session which today was a CrossFit video off YouTube.
I have cleaned up our two boxes with receipts and manuals, and thrown out everything that was out of date, no longer under warranty or of things that we don't have anymore. Cupboard by cupboard and room by room I am cleaning and sorting through. This house is going to be the tidiest it's ever been once this is over!
I made some banana muffins because the bananas were going bad, and we ordered Chinese for dinner. We have decided to support the local restaurants during the weekends to make sure they are still there when this is all over.

Day 18, Saturday 28 March
Every day is the same, yet every day is different. It's all in my head of course, but some days feelings are running higher than others. I really try not to read too many news, as the frustration and hopelessness eats away at me and there is nothing I can do about this situation anyway.
To be completely honest, staying home a lot and being by myself is kind of my normal, most of the time. At least when it's not tourist season and I'm not working. I don't have a huge amount of friends, I usually spend most of my time with my family only. BUT, and this is a big but - there is a HUGE difference between choosing to stay at home to chill and see noone, and being told I have to stay at home and see nobody... Especially as it is until who knows when! I'm surprised though at how down it brings me some days.

One day at a time. It's all we can do. I try to accept that some days it's just tougher than others. I tend to spend longer and longer on my treadmill every day, just to pass time. At least I will be super fit at the end of this!
Well. this weekend is over, back to school tomorrow for the kiddos. I have canceled our cleaners so I guess I know how I'll keep busy the next few days. Yay...

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