Saturday, 14 March 2020

Latest development

The latest development here in the UAE is that all cultural and historical sites and all major tourist areas in Abu Dhabi have now closed, as well as all pubs and bars. I guess next will be all shops apart from grocery shops, we will see.
The UAE still have only 85 cases though, hopefully these implementations is helping slowing down the spread.

(Compare this to Sweden, where there are now 800+ cases, but still in most places just business as usual. I have so many opinions on this so I'll just stay with - no comment.)

And this morning the decision was made for us about our trip - NZ has now imposed a 14 day self-isolation for all travelers arriving to New Zealand, which makes our visit pointless. Not unexpected at all, but still really sad of course.

Still there are bigger things to worry about:
The upcoming home-schooling period
The rest of the school year all together
Keeping my sanity spending the next four weeks all of us at home
The summer holiday plans
Nathans job
All the jobs in the tourism industry
All the people having lost or who will loose their jobs, in all industries
Our economy
The world economy
People who will loose their lives

Big picture people. Big picture.
Stay safe. Stay at home.

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