Tuesday, 7 January 2020

A Dubai must-do

On Auntie Nikkis whirlwind visit there was at least one thing she had on her must-do list, a visit to the "Goldman". She had a bunch of jewellery she had realized she was never using, plus all the rings after Grandma that needed resizing and resetting. So I took her to Dubai for the day and we spent a good hour (good thing they treat you to coffee there!) uhm-ing and aah-ing at different options for it all.
In the end with all the gold she was returning she was in credit, so she thought she should invest in something new as well..! She ended up deciding on getting a lovely rose gold bracelet, after as you can see in the photo, having stacked quite a few different ones up her arm.

She ended up leaving with a really big bag..!

I only came away with one little box, with this dainty little set of gold ball earrings that I had ordered last time.

I was more excited about this bag!

Full of books about art and architecture, of course!

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