Saturday, 25 January 2020

20 January 2020

For the first time I got woken up first on our birthday! Happy Birthday to me!

Then somebody else had to go and play possum for a change!

Sweet 16!
As the numbers get bigger, the amount of presents get smaller... Although he did get what he wished for, so I think he was pretty happy!

A game from Linnea, cash both from the family in NZ and in Sweden; Stussy clothes and a cap, a hard drive for his gaming, and new shoes from us.

Pancakes for breakfast, of course!

All I had wished for was flowers and balloons (I love balloons!), but in the morning I had to make do with my Apple watch giving me balloons...

The rest came with the kids when they got home from school!

Cake time!

For birthday dinner we got treated to teppanyaki at the Benihana restaurant where we had been once before, a long time ago. It was just as delicious (and funny) this time.

Happy Birthday to us!

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