Friday, 7 June 2019

On the 17th floor

We were so lucky this year as to get a whole week off for Eid, yay! As Nathan had leave as well we took a family trip out to Singapore to catch up with a few friends. We booked in to a hotel in Katong, just behind the RBA crew hotel Roxy Mercure, as Will was there and he had brought Tash and the kids over too.
While the kids were happy with room service together with Ben & Hannah in their room, we joined Will and Tash in their club lounge on the 17th floor, for some sunset drinks. Great views over the east coast of Singapore!

The first night we were there we managed to meet up with Andrew as well, before he left to go back to Brunei. That lounge on the 17th floor quickly gets buzzing with all the RBA people in town!

After many lovely drinks at the 17th floor, we went out on one of the back streets to grab some dinner, and some more drinks. It turned into a very festive night..!
A night that lasted so long that we didn't make it down to the hotel breakfast the next day but instead went straight to the German place for pork and beer - and stayed for four hours!

We also got to enjoy the company of the Roses who turned up for a while in between all their different weekend activities. 

In the afternoon it was time for the kids to get some pool time, while the rest of us waited for 5pm so that the 17th floor would open again.

 Another night out with the Turners, this time with the addition of Misuzu!

Good friends! Good fun!

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