Saturday, 20 April 2019

Once on this island once under the dome

Thursday was a Louvre Abu Dhabi-day for more than one person in our family. In the afternoon I returned to the museum to enjoy Lucas and his cast mates performing their 'Once on this island'-musical, as a one-off under the dome.

The RIS drama group had been invited to the LAD to participate in their 'Open Stage' event, and I must say I actually think this performance was even better here than at school, it really suited these surroundings.

It was beautiful with the reflections of the 'Rain of Light' on the buildings, and the singing echoing under the dome.

Even though it's been a few months since they last set up the show, they delivered a stellar performance - well done all!

Of course we also did a very quick walk-around in the galleries. Lucas wanted to see if there was anything new since last time, and admire one of his favourites:

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