Friday, 12 April 2019

Some more photos from NZ

Finally a few last photos from this time in Taupo/Kinloch.

You gotta love the ice cream serves in NZ, this what Linnea is having is "one scoop"..! Good value for money for sure!

The weather was a bit temperamental all week, one day it was raining and cold, another sunny and warm. At least we got to use most of the clothes we brought!

No matter the weather, we still enjoyed the good food and wine every day! Sometimes inside sheltered from the wind and rain, sometimes in the sun on the deck.

And when you have spent nearly two weeks "enjoying" yourself, and it's no fun buying clothes - this happens, oups! #cinderella

Nathan managed one bike ride, on Grandads new e-bike. There are many trails around Kinloch, so he got a good workout going up and down the hills for a bit.

For our last dinner Linnea conned Grandma into making a Pavlova. Well, it was a bit of team work, Grandma did the ground work and Linnea the decoration. Yum!

Thank you Grandma and Grandad for a lovely time! 

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