Saturday, 28 July 2018

A day with my cousins

Today we were lucky to get to hang out with two of my cousins, and their families. First we went out in the countryside to enjoy some animals, and the peaceful living. Stefan and his wife Martina have just bought their own house which they will move into in September, and their plan is to one day be completely self-sufficient. They already have lots of different animals, one of the latest additions was this Landseer puppy Nana:

The farm geese:

Very new baby rabbits:

Homemade cake, with own eggs from the farm and own berries from the garden:

Intense board game:

And in the afternoon we went to see the new house of another cousin, Emma. They bought this last summer but didn't move in until just after we had already left in August, so this was our first visit. Sixten was happy to show us his new sandpit.

Emma, Linus and Sixten are coming out to see us in September, we can't wait!

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