Sunday, 25 February 2018

Raha International Day 2018

Yesterday it was time for International Day at school, and the Raha School Global Village. This year bigger than ever, 48 countries were represented out of the 80+ nationalities RIS is made up of.

Our Swedish stall was not as elaborate as last year, for example no 'fiskdamm' this time. We were only four Swedish families organizing this year, as most of the other Swedes had declined helping out, so us four made it easy for ourselves. Thankfully IKEA agreed to sponsor us once again, so we could offer 'lingondricka' and 'pepparkakor' to all our visitors.

International Day has always been my favourite day in the school calendar. It is always amazing to see how the whole school community comes together to build up this Global Village, and everyones pride in dress up and presenting all things special from their home countries.

Australia had stepped up the game this year with a big hospitality desk, ha ha!

A Zumba friend, Indri, representing Indonesia. Each year she is in a new amazing outfit!

Yummy homemade sweets at the NZ stall. Nathan with one of the Kiwi teachers, Mr Ken: 

Lots of countries had live cooking, like Lebanon:

I love all the colours of this day!

Italy had rolled in a big gelato freezer, just like last year:

There were many different activities on the field, like Canadian hockey, Finnish Viking Chess and Greek dancing:

Ireland had live music:

Our location this year was a bit off, so it wasn't as busy around our stall as previous years. On a positive note we had a bit of a breeze coming through where we were, so we didn't feel the heat at all.
As always I was so impressed with all the kids of the school, and how polite and well behaved they all are. It was a pleasure representing Sweden, and a great morning with a lot of interesting meets.

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