Sunday, 12 March 2017

Om nom nom

We have had trouble trying to find "hole-in-the-wall"-restaurants around where we live. It seems most of these places must be situated in the city. I miss cheap and cheerful food! In Brunei we often went for sushi (which was ridiculously cheap, and tasty, there!), Thai food or Indian down the road - or most often roti at our favourite 'House of Curry'.

I have been craving roti ever since we left, so I got super excited when I recently found out that there is actually a Malaysian restaurant here that serves it! Although for us, this Mamaks restaurant (yes, a fast food place) is situated in a really not convenient place... the ADNOC petrol station on the way back from Saadyiat... It means that you have to go all the way into town to get on the right side of the motorway to be able to stop in... duh.

The other day, I drove back from the city that way just at lunch time though, so I thought now is my chance! Mmmmm... om nom nom, I could've eaten many more of these, easily! Not quite Iskandar, House of Curry standard, but close enough!

And cheap! Only AED10 for one of these and a bottle of water! Score!

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