Friday, 7 August 2015

In a time warp

This summer I wanted to do something different with the kids, and looked at booking a package holiday somewhere in Europe. My friend Erika had no summer plans, so we asked her to join us and come along. We decided to go to the greek island of Lefkas, a place I used to know really well.
I worked as a Spies/Tjæreborg rep at Lefkas for a couple of seasons back in the 1990s, and after that I came back to work there as a bartender, at THE night club at the time. We did go back the whole family, Nathan included, in 2007 for a holiday, but this year it marked 20 years since I first arrived! Oh my...

We booked the trip out of Copenhagen, for a couple of reasons.
Firstly because I wanted to hang back in Denmark after the trip, since we didn't do any Denmark visits at all last summer. Secondly, it was actually a lot cheaper to book the trip out of Copenhagen, than out of Sweden - even with the currency conversion. A lot. Lastly, since we were going to travel with "my" old airline, I wanted to go out of "my" old base! 

Mum and Dad drove us down to Malmö, where we were dropped off in some very stormy weather, to catch the train across the bridge to the airport.

We were really early, so we had to wait around at the airport to get to check in. It was super busy of course, as it was high season for summer travel, but we found a corner where the kids could recharge their iPads, and Erika and I could have coffee. Everybody happy.

But soon enough we got to board - and can I tell you, it was such a surreal experience!
I had got our friend Søren to request the flight, so we had our own Captain. He invited the kids out in the cockpit, and they were all electric. They got to sit there both for take-off and landing, and thought that was the best thing ever! Especially all the sweets they got!

Even though I obviously have done my fair share of flying since I stopped working, this was the first time I was back flying with "my" old airline. It was a really, really odd feeling, as nothing much had changed: a new safety video, new products in the taxfree, new food - but the same routines, AND the same crew! The only one I didn't know out of the whole crew, was the First Officer - all the others were old collegues of mine, ha ha! Oh, it was SO nice to have a good chat and a good laugh out in the galley, just like in the old times. It was just like I had entered a time warp and was back somewhere in 1998..!

Happy happy!

Arrived at Preveza Airport. Let the holiday begin!

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