Saturday, 15 August 2015

A perfect afternoon

Sweden delivers.
With only a few days left of our Scandinavian part of the summer holidays, we are having absolutely stunning summer weather, day after day. It's amazingly wonderful and we are enjoying every minute.

To continue what seems to have become a theme for these holidays - nostalgia - we did a trip this afternoon to a beach where I have spent most of my childhood, Svalnäs Beach at the Vänern Lake. My grandparents had a summer house in the woods there, where they used to stay every summer from April-September, and we came to visit most weekends during the summer. It wasn't just the view walking down to the beach that was really familiar, but also the smell of the woods. These woods have a certain musky smell to them, I love it.

This beach stretches for many kilometers, and it's really good for kids as it's a beautiful sandy beach and shallow for hundreds of meters out into the lake. It's called the "Riviera of Vänern", super lush.

Kids had a blast, and we ALL swam! Yes, me too! (First and last time outside this summer!)

The kids also tried to catch some fish. Although their equipment of choice was a bucket each... so no fish caught today!

Sandy beaches are the best, at least for playing. (Not so nice when the sand blows in your face, or gets stuck in your swimwear...) Kids built a few sand castles, and we tried to construct a mote that led the water from the lake in towards the castles.

Such a lovely afternoon... aaahhh...


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