Saturday, 15 August 2015

Cousin fun

We have been using our bikes just as much this summer as previous years. It is such a great ride along the countryside road in to town, and especially great for the kids, rather than just being able to ride around and around in our compoun back home - to have a destination. Linnea had grown out of her little red bike, so she scored a new (second-hand) yellow racer this year:

On Friday we rode into town, to catch up with another cousin of mine, Emma. The kids wanted to come see her cats, who to Linnea's delight, were rather playful cats:

We spent the afternoon at the adventure golf course in town, the biggest adventure golf in Sweden! Apparently it's built and ranked for professional competitions - but it worked just fine for a friendly game as well. There was 12 holes, the longest one 40 m.

Lucas did really well. His turn was after Linus, so he watched and learned, concentrated and focused. Linnea didn't focus quite as much...

Linus won, and Emma came second, closely followed by Lucas who lost out on the 2nd place with only one point! Linnea and I... well, we came after them... 

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