Monday, 30 April 2018

Trusting the program

As I mentioned recently, we are fast approaching the most depressing time of the year here in the sandpit. There is not much to do, my work season is nearly over, someone has really turned up the heat and time seems to roll by really slowly. So I thought I needed some kind of project to focus on for these coming months - and what could be better than my health!

Yes, I know, I'm very predictable... I follow pretty much the same pattern every year: A few months before the summer holiday I start eating differently and amp up the exercise. All so that I will have a better starting point for all the gluttony I will expose myself to during my Scandinavian summer..!
I usually manage to keep the shape and fitness level during the summer actually, as I tend to move around more back home; but then slowly during the year it all creeps back on - and next spring I will be going through the same thing again..!

This year, having quit Zumba, I decided to go for some running. I needed to do something I knew I would be able to finish, and gym work is so boring. I really have a hard time even getting myself to the gym when I'm on my own and not being accountable to anyone. So, instead I went for a "Couch-to-5-km"-program.

I have downloaded an app which has a program that stretches over 8 weeks. As it only has 3 runs programmed each week, I decided to accelerate it a little bit. I mean, each workout is only around 30 minutes long and anyone can (and should!) exercise at least half and hour a day anyway, right!

And believe it or not, after a week of running every morning, I have started to look really forward to this new start of my day!
I'm so grateful for every day I can still run outside. It's usually around 30 degrees already at 7.30-8 am in the morning, but it has been windy lately, so it has still been alright. Even though the scenery around here is far from pretty, I much prefer running on the street and just listen to the prompts from my app when to run and when to walk; than being on a treadmill.

This morning I did my run first, and then I took our little house guest for a walk. I didn't want to take him on the run as I wanted him to get a chance to sniff his way around the neighbourhood.

Hopefully I'll comfortably reach the 5 km mark with no issues or injuries, and then my plan is to keep the runs up while in Scandinavia this summer too. I have trust in the program, so if I just keep running, I'm sure I'll get there!

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