Sunday, 8 April 2018

Japan, Day 4 - Sliding into the weekend

For the afternoon fun, Misuzu took us up into the mountains for some slide fun. We took the train and jumped off at the Yamanaka-dani Station, apparently one of the most beautiful train stations in spring, a famous rail-photographing place in this region. We took a railway photo too, of course!

I was happy to finally see an abundance of the more pink cherry blossoms!

Not very far from the train station there was a play park for the kids, Wanpaku Okoku, with it's most popular attraction being the mega slide "Roller Express" measuring a total length of 200 meters. The kids ran up the stairs so many times I lost count, to take the slide down into the dinosaur's mouth.

Not just the kids, Matt & Misuzu also went on the slide. I took the photos..!

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